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Bathroom Vanity Cost: An Essential Guide for Your Remodeling

A basic bathroom vanity can cost as little as $300, excluding installation and labor. Refreshing your bathroom’s look hinges on numerous factors, with the bathroom vanity cost often taking the lead in your budgeting plan. Whether aiming for a minor update or a comprehensive transformation, understanding vanity costs is crucial. We delve into the intricacies of pricing, from basic installations to custom designs, ensuring you’re well-informed about your next step.

Understanding Bathroom Vanity Cost

Close up of sink with oval mirror standing in on white wall , wooden cabinet with black faucet in minimalist bathroom. Side view.

A bathroom vanity isn’t just a cabinet; it’s a centerpiece that defines the room’s style and functionality. Here’s what affects its price:

Vanity Size and Design

  • Small, pre-made vanities start as low as $300.
  • Mid-range options average around $1,500.
  • Custom, large designs can reach up to $3,800.

Material and Labor

  • Prefabricated units range between $100 and $2,600, not including installation.
  • Professional installation can add $200 to $1,000 to the overall cost.

Countertops and Fixtures

  • Countertop materials can vary from $5 to $135 per square foot.
  • Fixtures and faucets might add $70 to $900, depending on quality and finish.

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Bathroom Vanity Size

The vanity size dictates the amount of material and labor required.

  • Single Vanities: Affordable and compact, perfect for small spaces.
  • Double Vanities: Ideal for shared bathrooms, though they cost more.

Countertop Types: A Pricing Guide 

Your choice of countertop impacts the bathroom vanity cost significantly.

  • Granite: Ranges from $5 to $60 per square foot.
  • Concrete: Known for its durability but can be pricey, up to $135 per square foot.

cost of bathroom vanity

Labor Costs: An Overview 

The complexity of your installation directly impacts labor costs. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Basic Installations: A simple vanity replacement, where plumbing is already in place, may require only a few hours of work, costing approximately $200 to $500 in labor.
  • Custom and Complex Setups: For custom pieces that demand extensive work, including cutting countertops and adjusting plumbing, labor can escalate, with costs ranging on average from $500 to $1,000.


In conclusion, the bathroom vanity cost is a blend of size, materials, and labor. It’s a key element in bathroom remodeling that ranges from an economical few hundred dollars to a sizeable investment. As you plan your bathroom update, consider these factors for a smooth and successful vanity installation.

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Q: How much does a basic vanity cost?

Basic bathroom vanities can start as low as $300, excluding installation fees.

Q: What’s the average cost to replace a bathroom vanity?

The average cost to replace a bathroom vanity typically falls around $1,500, including the unit and labor.

Q: Can the vanity installation cost vary by location?

Yes, installation costs can vary depending on local labor rates and the accessibility of materials.