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Floating Shelves in Kitchen: A Guide to Stylish and Sensible Decor

Floating shelves in kitchen areas have become a staple in contemporary homes. They offer the perfect blend of style and practicality, and when decorated sensibly, they can enhance the beauty of any kitchen.

floating shelves in kitchen

The Art of Shelf Styling

Styling these shelves requires a balance between aesthetics and function. Let’s delve into some tips to create that perfect blend:

Layering and Depth

Place taller items at the back and shorter ones in the front. This gives depth and dimension to your shelf display.

Use of Trays and Baskets

They can group similar items, such as spices or condiments, giving an organized look. Plus, they make items easier to access.

Varied Heights

Mix items of different heights. For instance, a tall vase next to shorter stacked plates can create visual interest.

Open kitchen wooden shelves with jars for storage on a white textured wall and part of the countertop with environmentally friendly items for storage

Color Cohesiveness

Stick to a color palette that complements your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be monochrome but maintaining harmony in colors ensures that the shelves don’t look chaotic.

Natural Elements

Incorporate plants or natural wooden elements. They add warmth and a touch of nature to the kitchen.

Functional Decor

Think of items that are both decorative and functional. A beautiful pitcher, for example, can be both a decor piece and be used for serving.

Rotate Seasonally

Adjust your decorations according to the season. Use warm tones in the fall, bright ceramics in summer, and perhaps festive items during the holidays.

Personal Touch

Add items that tell a story or have sentimental value. It could be a mug from your favorite trip or a vintage plate passed down in the family.

Modern kitchen with shelves, food, spice and dishes.

Why Floating Shelves?

  • Space-Saver: They’re ideal for small kitchens, making the most of wall space.
  • Easy Customization: Whether it’s length, material, or color, these shelves are easily customizable.
  • Modern Appeal: Floating shelves offer a minimalist and updated look to any kitchen.

Decorating Challenges and Solutions

  • Weight: Ensure shelves are sturdy and can handle the weight of dishes or other heavier items. 
  • Maintenance: Since they’re open, they might gather dust. Regular wiping ensures they stay pristine.

kitchen floating shelves

FAQs About Floating Shelves in Kitchen

How often should I redecorate my shelves?

Seasonal changes are common, but it’s entirely up to personal preference.

Is it expensive to install floating shelves?

The cost varies depending on material and size, but there are options for every budget.

Can floating shelves replace cabinets?

They can’t replace all cabinets due to storage needs, but they’re a great supplement for open display and easy access.


Floating shelves in the kitchen are more than just storage; they’re an opportunity to showcase your style, personality, and creativity. Sensibly decorated, they can be the highlight of your kitchen, offering both functionality and charm.

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