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Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets: A Timeless Choice

The kitchen frequently needs a breath of fresh air. And what better way to inject some life into your space than by choosing dark blue kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodeling project? This ageless color doesn’t just bring a touch of elegance and sophistication; it also introduces a hint of drama into your kitchen.

Why Go for Dark Blue?

  • It’s Super Adaptable: Dark blue is like the chameleon of colors. It can fit into any design style – be it modern, classic, or farmhouse. Plus, it goes well with all kinds of materials and finishes, which is why it’s a hot favorite for kitchen cabinets.
  • It’s Always In Style: Blue is one of those colors that never seem to get old. And dark blue? It’s the classic of the classics. So, investing in dark blue for your kitchen remodeling is a smart move.
  • It Calms Your Mind: Blue is often linked to feelings of peace and calm. So, a dark blue kitchen can be your little zen zone at home.
dark blue kitchen cabinets
Image from Canva

Design Ideas

  • Contrasting Countertops: Light-colored countertops like white or light grey marble, quartz, or granite create a stunning contrast against dark blue kitchen cabinets.
  • Backsplash Ideas: A white subway tile backsplash or a backsplash with light-colored or metallic accents can add visual interest and brighten up the space.
  • Hardware Choices: Brass or gold hardware adds a touch of luxury to dark blue cabinets, while silver or chrome hardware gives a more modern look.

Maintenance and Care

  • Cleaning: Regularly wipe down your cabinets with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and grease. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as they can damage the finish.
  • Touch-ups: Over time, you may notice small chips or scratches on your cabinets. Use a touch-up kit that matches your cabinet color to fix these imperfections.
  • Longevity: Properly maintained dark blue kitchen cabinets can last for many years. Regular cleaning and timely touch-ups can help preserve their beauty and functionality.


Incorporating dark blue kitchen cabinets in your kitchen remodeling plan is a smart decision. Not only does this timeless color add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your kitchen, but it also offers versatility and psychological benefits. With the right design elements, maintenance, and care, your kitchen cabinets will remain a beautiful and functional focal point in your home for many years to come.

dark blue kitchen cabinets
Image from Canva


Do dark blue kitchen cabinets make the kitchen look smaller?

Dark blue can make a small kitchen feel more cozy and intimate. However, pairing them with light-colored countertops, backsplash, and adequate lighting can help create an illusion of space.

What colors go well with dark blue kitchen cabinets?

Light and neutral colors like white, grey, and beige complement dark blue beautifully. Metallic accents like gold, brass, or silver also work well with dark blue.

How to maintain the color and finish of kitchen cabinets?

Regularly wipe down your cabinets with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and grease. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, and use a touch-up kit for any chips or scratches to maintain the color and finish of your dark blue kitchen cabinets.

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