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12 Cafes in Sterling, VA to Try this Summer!

Looking for the perfect spot to sip a latte or enjoy a freshly baked pastry this summer? Sterling, VA has a vibrant café scene that offers something for everyone. From cozy corners to bustling spots, here are 12 must-visit cafes in Sterling to try this summer.

Must-Try Cafes in Sterling, VA

1. Ridgetop Coffee & Tea

Ridgetop Coffee & Tea

Located at 21631 Ridgetop Circle, Ridgetop Coffee & Tea offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s a family-friendly spot with a play area for kids and a variety of drinks and snacks to enjoy​.

2. Joe’s Cafe

A plate of food with eggs, potatoes and avocado.
Joe’s Cafe

A local favorite, Joe’s Cafe is known for its homestyle cooking and welcoming vibe. Located at 45665 W Church Rd, this café is perfect for a hearty breakfast or a casual lunch​.

3. Mona’s Lebanese Cafe

cafes in Sterling, VA | Mona's Lebanese Cafe
Glen Landry via Google

Experience the flavors of Lebanon at Mona’s Lebanese Cafe, situated at 1006 Ruritan Circle. Enjoy authentic Lebanese dishes, fresh ingredients, and a cozy patio seating area​ (Mona’s Lebanese Cafe)​.

4. Meows Corner Cat Café and Lounge

Meow's Corner | Cafes in Sterling, VA
Meow’s Corner

For a unique café experience, visit Meows Corner Cat Café and Lounge at 21435 Epicerie Plaza. Sip on coffee while spending time with adoptable cats in a comfortable setting​.

5. Dessert Bar

Order Tzone Dessert Bar Menu Delivery in Sterling | Menu ... | Uber Eats

If you have a sweet tooth, Dessert Bar at 45425 Dulles Crossing Plaza is the place to be. They offer a variety of bubble teas and desserts that are perfect for a summer treat​ (Restaurantji)​.

6. Uptown Cafe

Photo of comfort food
Igor at FoodBeVenturer

Located at 4973 Westcroft Blvd, Uptown Cafe offers a diverse menu with favorites like grilled chicken paninis and avocado toast. It’s a great spot for a casual meal with friends​.

7. Pharaoh Cafe

Shisha | Pharaoh Cafe
Umesh Shah via Google

At 46000 Old Ox Rd, Pharaoh Cafe serves up a mix of American and Mediterranean dishes in a relaxed environment. It’s a hidden gem in Sterling worth exploring.

8. Amor Cafe & Pastry

Amor Cafe & Pastry
Amor Cafe & Pastry

Located at 5107 Westfields Blvd, Amor Cafe & Pastry is famous for its delectable pastries and creative coffee drinks. Try their strawberry cream cheese pastry for a delightful treat​.

9. Little Austria

Photo of strudel
Little Austria

Located at 45945 Trefoil Lane, Little Austria, offers an authentic taste of Austria with a variety of traditional pastries and desserts. It’s a perfect spot for those looking to enjoy some European flavors in Sterling.

10. Qahwa Cafe

Qahwa Cafe
Ahmed Nour via Google

Qahwa Cafe, located at 46005 Regal Plaza, specializes in Middle Eastern coffee and traditional pastries. Their cozy setting and friendly staff make it a must-visit spot in Sterling​.

11. Daybreak Kitchen and Biscuit Company

Photo of Waffle Attack
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Daybreak Kitchen and Biscuit Company at 45577 Shepard Dr is known for its delicious breakfast options and freshly baked biscuits. The welcoming atmosphere and tasty menu items are perfect for a morning outing​ (Restaurantji)​.

12. Summit Cafe

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Summit Cafe at 44810 Old Ox Rd offers a unique atmosphere with a focus on quality food and drinks. It’s an ideal spot for a quiet morning coffee or an afternoon snack​.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, the cafes in Sterling offer a diverse array of flavors and atmospheres to explore. This summer, make sure to visit these spots and enjoy the best that Sterling has to offer.